Shadows of the End

"Wish you were here..."

A postcard and an errand

Sam’s missive was a post card of a terrifying looking statue with the phrase "Wish you were here…’ on it, asking Earl to find a Golden Hourglass that has been stolen from her “Tardis” while she was on the material plane of Golarion. Unfortunately, Sam had forgotten to mention WHERE in Golarion she has been. After some puzzling over it, it was noted that the edge of the postcard was marked with the location “Nisroch, Nidal”, which they were able to identify as a Port City of the country Nidal, on Golarion. They were able to find a map of Golarion, and determined that the best way to get there was to purchase knowledge of a portal there (as the portals they were aware of for Golarion were too far to be practical in the time sensitive matter). Portal Purchased, the found themselves in the Sewers of Nisroch. They made their way to the end of the sewers, opening into the Harbor. This posed a problem, as several of them could not swim, and Lusana had brought her horse. After a few near drownings, they managed to get themselves to the docks, where Lusana purchased assistance from a ship getting her horse up. They had made it to Nisroch, now to find the Hourglass….


kyosokun kyosokun

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