Shadows of the End

An.... Expert?

Searching for an expert on the Shadow plane, they are given dubious directions to a Tattoo shop on the edge of The Lower Ward and Clerk’s Ward. Along the way, Kresela finds a new face in trouble, and intervenes, taking the young girl/woman Kleiss under her wing for the time being.

At the Tattoo shop, they find a young Sorceror by the name of Althezar. Not truely the expert they were hoping, he is able to confirm some information they suspected, and was intrigued enough to ask to join them in their investigation into this odd ‘coincidence’.

Together, they attempt to discover what the original caravan was carrying when they were first attacked. However, the Merchant who lead the caravan was too canny, and was not willing to part with that information, unwilling to risk losing the exclusive nature of the trade tie. He DID offer to hire them on as guards the next time he went to do business there, however.

Kleiss, worried about the possibility that her friends were somewhere in Sigil, attempted to sneak off, but was unable to slip the watchful eyes of some of the groups older members. However, after talking with her, Althezar and Earl offered to go with her to search for them. Kresela went home, and Lusana returned to the Bar to work her shift. While there, she encountered the strangest woman, who seemed to know her, and wanted to find Earl. Unable to wait around for him, she left a postcard for Earl with Lusana, and ran off hurriedly. When the party all convened at the bar for dinner, Lusana was able to pass the missive to Earl.

It turned out to be from Sam, the person who had brought Earl to Sigil. She had been plane hopping, and had an important item stolen from her. She couldn’t return to find the item at that time, due to other obligations, but she asked Earl to find it and keep ahold of it….


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