"The Master of Masters"

A mysterious Prophet...


The Master of Masters wears a black coat with hood up, concealing his features. It is rumored that he only has 1 eye, having placed his other eye into his Keyblade.


Not much is known about The Master of Masters. His past is appears to be a complete mystery. Gifted with the ability to foretell the future, he wrote The Book of Prophesy, foretelling of the end of his world. He taught 6 apprentices, 5 of whom lead the Unions in gathering light, the 6th of whom’s whereabouts are unknown. Each of his apprentices was gifted a copy of THe Book of Prophesy.

He disappeared from Kleiss’s world with no explanation, leading his apprentices and the Unions to lead the world.

He was last seen in the presence of Kleiss’s friends Emphemer and Skuld, as well as Kleiss herself, in a video journal found recorded on Sauder’s wrist device.

"The Master of Masters"

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